5 Best Stairwells

By now, I’m sure everyone is very familiar with the inner workings of the library. You all know not to take the front stairwell downstairs to the writing center, it won’t get you there. Yeah, you know us pretty well.


Do you know all our stairwells? I bet you don’t. Today, we are featuring the 5 most interesting stairwells at butler library, in today’s 5 on 5.

  1. Front

You knew I was going to start with the stairs into the building: they get you here. But, really, this is a beautiful set of stairs and makes for such a grand entrance through the double doors. The wrought-iron details are so exquisite, and even the carving speaks of Lindenwood’s historic past.

2. Back Stairs

Raise your hand if you know this one: “head to the back, center of the library to find the door with an exit sign over it, and the yellow sign that says ‘to the writing center.’” It’s the stairwell that has to be the hardest to find, but did you know there is a reason why it’s placed where it is today. There was actually a dispute over its location during the addition to the library in the 60’s. The original plan called for the stairwell to be located where the current periodicals are now shelved. Several students didn’t think that made sense – it did not allow equal access to the other side of the 2nd floor, so the stairwell was moved to its current location. I don’t think those student’s 30 plus years ago thought it was too hard to find.

3. To Tower

Well, this isn’t exactly a stairwell. It’s more like a ladder, but it’s totally amazing. That clock tower above the library actually houses a bell! Access is restricted – I wasn’t even allowed up there – but this ladder takes you not only up to that bell, but also to a large open area above the circulation desk. Above that shiny, metal ceiling is a huge open room twice the size of the lobby. Hmmm, maybe we could move our deselected books up there.

4. Secret Storage

Have you ever heard about the dungeon in the library?? No? Well, if you take this set of stairs downstairs you will find it. In the periodicals room, just through the doors on the left is the men’s restroom; on the right is a door I bet you never thought to open. The stairs on the other side take you upstairs to our LB – PQ collection, but if you head downstairs you enter into our scary dungeon. You can see the writing center, and two small doors. Those small doors are the dungeon. And no, neither are entrances to mythic tunnels. Don’t try.

5. Archive Stairs

Though hardly used, these stairs are probably the most useful. They go to all floors – basement, main floor, and the glass floor, plus a bonus level. There isn’t anything up there – storage that most staff members don’t know about. But it’s a pretty, wrought-iron stairwell, and it takes you to everything in the library you could possibly want.

Now you know the greatest stairwells at Butler Library.


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